Rolex log series 

  • The diameter of the housing is 41 mm.
  • The head grain of the table is consistent with the original, 5 pieces are assembled, the difficulty is very high, the strap and the case are interlocked and seamless.
  • The thickness and radian of the case are consistent with the original.
  • The buckle is the same as the original one, with spring added, and the font size is the same as the original one.
  • The side of the case and the original increase in the same TWO-DIMENSIONAL code anti-counterfeiting, inspection of the bottom cover with two-dimensional code.
  •  The case at the strap connection is engraved with the original model number 126331.
  •  The complete set of original package configuration includes (warranty card, manual, model bar code and authentic) the complete set of packaging and authentic